Website Traffic Advice

Having a website is an opportunity to grow your business or personal brand. This is a way to engage with you or buy your products. The next thing you should worry about is traffic. You need to have traffic so that you know people are responding to your website.

Number one is to link back to your website from your Youtube videos. The next thing to do is embed your videos in your Youtube. If you put your Youtube website on your website, you can actually boost your ranking because many people would stay on your website longer.

Not only will this method get you more traffic, but can also lead to conversions.

Next tip is to give something away for free. This is a great strategy for getting a lot of interest in your website. You can get something in return like getting someone in your email list. An example of a freebie is an e-book.

The third tip is obvious, SEO. You can always outsource your SEO, but if you don’t want to do that, there are always many ways to learn this. Make sure to put keywords in your headers. This will increase traffic in your site.

The fourth tip is use social media. Putting a link back to your website is so important in getting more traffic to your site. Use a lead magnet or giveaway in your page.

The last tip is to do guest posts in other sites or platforms.