Two Secrets To Increase Web Traffic Through Online Self Promotion

Generating web traffic is all about strategy. When you become too passionate about it, that is, posting every minute, you risk becoming too spammy, and your customers will not like that. If you become too cold, you become apathetic, and your customers will think you do not care at all. If you do it just right, then you become profitable.

Here are 4 tips on how to improve your web traffic through SEO.


1. The first is to work on your keyword competition game.

Always remember that going for the most competitive keywords from the very start of your website building will lead you to become very suspicious and spammy. The best tip is to wait for the time that you have the right budget, so you can put in some money in competing with them fiercely in the market.

It is also not right to take whatever Google gives you and never trying to compete for the best keywords.

The best way to go is to target mid-tail and longtail keywords for your new website.


2. The next tip is to work on your on-page SEO game.

Never ever repeat the same keyword everywhere on your page. This will run the risk of your website being filtered.

The apathetic method would be to not worry about it and just let Google do what it wants. This is not the way to go. You can lose a lot of traffic this way.

The best way is to go for synonyms for related words and word forms. This way you can spread out your keywords and increase traffic organically.