3 Types of Web Traffic Every Small Business Needs

Websites are the best way to spread online business, and also by the help of social media. You will be able to find a good costumers online because usually they are the people who has the business and do not have a lot of time do the shopping for their own, their family and most f all the needs of their business. That is why they are relying everything online because it is more fast and reliable source with less hassle.


Why did small business in particular needs a web traffic ? Because web traffics acquire more attention to the internet world. Being a first timer to the world of online marketing you have to remember the important things to know on how to make your spread worldwide easily. There are 3 types of web traffics that a small business needs to have.


First is the direct traffic, this kind of traffic consist of people who directly enter your site by means means of web browsing, those individuals know already on what you are selling. Second is the Referral traffic, this people are the one who enter your sites through external links. Next is Organic traffic, the kind of traffic acquires through the people searching online into the website just like the 公司登記 company website. Social traffic is included, as you can visualized they are the people who visit your site through social media.

I just want to give my full thanks to our business partner Elsie W. Daniels that shared this information to us!